Vehicle Vitals! will come to you on your schedule at your home, office, marina, or wherever! Take the hassle out of maintaining your car, truck, van, SUV, boat, or motorhome. Oil Changes are performed on all makes and models with top quality products by our experienced technicians without your having to go anywhere!

No more wasting time at the “quick lube” joint (where they try to sell you other services that you usually don’t need) or at the dealership. It never is as quick as they say…right?

Isn’t your time more valuable than that?

We stick to the basics! Oil changes, air filters & wiper blades! Brakes, tire rotations, and tire plug repairs…no up-sells for services you don’t need or want to pay for! We also check your fluids and top off your washer fluid as part of our oil change service and we also check your tire pressure and fill as needed.

Are you a busy parent with kids and dread taking them

to sit in a crowded, dirty waiting room?

Do you work and try to squeeze in an oil change or brake pads during your lunch hour and always come back late?

After working and running errands all week,

do you really want to go for an oil change or for tires on the weekend?

Does your company have a fleet of vehicles and you don’t want to waste your employees’ time by having them “go” for oil changes or other routine maintenance?

Truck Brake Inspection
Engine Belt